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For this project, I wanted to focus on the preservation of the Sonoran Desert.
I made a set of posters and a one-minute animation.


I made these posters to encourage my audience to visit the desert and be active participants in its preservation. I wanted my poster to mimic the posters created in the 1950s to increase tourism to national parks, commissioned by the US government. I also wanted to keep a simple color palette that is reflective of those found in the desert at dusk


For my poster process, I started off by making hand sketches. I then transferred those hand sketches to illustrator where I would further build upon them. As for the animated video, I first wrote a written script, and built the storyboards based off of it. As I worked on the animation, I made sure to continually polish scenes, until I was happy with the result. I based my animation of off the 1950's Saguaro Park poster commissioned by the US Government.

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