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 The Opportunity Tree 


As a Creative Arts Digital Studio Assistant, I was in charge of managing the Creative Arts Digital Studio.  Some of the tasks included creating content such as informational motion graphics, and video/ photo content for social media and advertising purposes, as well as managing the printing needs for the company. I was provided with a logo and premade business card templates, which I would update/ use in content for The Opportunity Tree

Informational Motion Graphic:

ID Badges, Layout, and Goodie Bag Designs:

mockup-01 copy.png

The image on the left is a mock-up I made using my own template layout.

I was in charge of making the layout for the ID badges. The Logo, font selection,
and the Business cards were already given to me or established
by the limitations set in The Opportunity Tree Design Guidebook.

The image of the right, shows an application of The Opportunity Tree logo, on a mock-up I made. The mock-up was used to communicate the design of custom goodie bags to be handed out during a corporate event.

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