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Project Goals:


I currently work as an independently contracted concept artist at Crisis Response Leadership Training (CRLT).

At CRLT, the goal is to create game simulations that will help train first responders during a time of crisis. I am in charge of making character sheets, environment concepts, menu screen background, and UI icons for the menu.

Depending on the type of concept, I will either start with creating a general 3D scene with lighting. Once I have a render of the scene, I then use the render as a base for the concept to digitally paint over. Other times, I will go straight to digital painting. For UI I begin with a silhouette and continue to simple the silhouette until I have a simple but clean icon.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

MAYA 3D software



General concepts:

General concepts were created for marketing use and UI. However, they also provided the environment artists a tonal and visual guide. I was pushed to create more narrative concepts when creating general concepts. Sometimes, I would include the image of a client, when asked. 

Character concepts:

For the characters, the most important aspect which was highlighted was creating characters who would appear or already be present in times of crisis.