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This was one of the first animations I made with one of my peers. We created this animated short (titled Kites) to bring awareness to the lives lost to suicide. I was in charge of the character concept, the character animation (using 2D animation), and some post-production corrections. We used computer graphic technology and software such as Adobe After Effects and MAYA 3D Software to create and combine CGI, VFX, video footage, and 2D animation. The animation aims to show the audience the severity of suicide. We briefly showed the character's face of grief to the audience to create an emotional connection. We then had the character jump off a bridge. We did this to reveal one of the outcomes of not taking mental health seriously. The CGI kites represent a life lost to suicide. This is shown when the character falls off the bridge, and a blue kite emerges, signifying that the character's life has "gone with the wind." There are several kites in the background, indicating that she isn't the only one who has lost her life to suicide.