Asset 1.png

Project Goals:

The goal of this project was to create an environment and expand on the visual narrative. I chose to create a forest environment based on the Okunoin Cemetary and inspired by the whimsicalness of Ghibli films.


Adobe Photoshop

MAYA 3D software




I started by creating four thumbnails of the type of environment I wanted to create (pictured above). For this project, I wanted to experiment with creating a more organic environment that was defined by characteristics such as whimsicality. I took inspiration from Ghibli Studio's use of magic realism in their films. In order to do this, I made sure to use a vibrant but muted color palette. Additionally, I added fireflies to add to the mysticism of the environment. 

For the centerpiece (pictured below) of the pentalogy, I wanted to pursue a visual narrative. I wanted to especially push the lighting, so I decided to model and render a 'base sketch'. I modeled trees, rocks, and tombstones. The journey to the final product seemed to proceed quicker than usual since I had MAYA software place the shadows and lighting on the models. All that was left for me was to paint over the base sketch.