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I worked with a local smoothie shop to help establish a visual brand that best suit the owner's vision. Below is the branding guide I made for Berry Bros. Smoothies.


For my Process, I started off by making hand sketches. I then transferred those
hand sketches to illustrator where I would further build upon them.

Once the client and I agreed on a logo design, I picked key words that I felt best described the Berry Bros. smoothies and created a mood board that I felt best represented the client. 

mood board3-10.png

I then used the stylistic elements from the mood board and applied them

to my chosen design; I also made sure to create mock-ups that followed

the elements I established.

Lastly, I made a social media strategy. The strategy consisted of using student ambassadors/ student influencers, paid ads on Instagram and Facebook, and using localized hashtags to reach to target audience. 

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